Stipo Leather

Stipo TÜ 12842299 Koduleht

All products are part of creative process,
Are not something innovative,
Cut and assembled by hands, no factory-perfect
anf may emit craziness and passion
Stipo is a kind of a brand that is ignoring rules of leather crafting, for example such as stitching, trying to use material abilities such as starching and bending. Stipo products are not something innovative or super new, not factory mass production. Its a product that represents this golden middle between art and design. Its close to that first prototype person makes when he starts to create and before he sends it to mass production. That first product he made from beginning till the end by himself. We live in a world where we have to many stamped on a factory products, that very fast become super popular and in very short while everyone has it and same fast forgets it. We forget our own possibilities, emotions when we make something and real effort we use to create something first time.

Stipo is a product that represents joy creative process and it is a part of a lifestyle. Its a true handcart piece that transfers passion of creation from creator to owner.

Stipo Leather is made by me- Katrin-M. Terras. I studied industrial design in Finland and came back to Estonia straight after it. Came back for the culture of design that feels so special and fresh here. People in Estonia are not yet spoiled by export and mass production, they do what the love and try to make work better with their thoughts and designs. I try to do the same.

All people are not only designers and creators but a costumers on a first place. I believe that i am quite picky costumer. I appreciate handwork and i criticize a lot of other design works, not less that i criticize mine. My main idea was to create and produce something i would love to use, to see. Something that covers all my needs of my every day life. Thats the reason why product range sometimes changes to fast. I learn my mistakes i learn something new and i improve my designs, my vision and my offers to my costumers.

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