Tallinna Juveelitehase Hõbelusikad

Item ID: 110045182 Item condition: antique Delivery time: 2 days
Auction is ended or not active
Final price: 13.90 EUR
Extending closure: 5 minutes
Starting time: Sun 17.06.2018 00:22:20
Closing time: Sun 15.07.2018 00:22:20
Viewed: 198
Last bidder: reinrein
Item condition: antique
Location: Eesti, Muu, Eesti
Quantity: 1
Delivery time: 2 days
Shipping/Delivery: Registered letter: 3.84 EUR
Agreement with seller Abi
Payment: by bank transfer, by deposit transfer, by transfer from Osta.ee e-account
Seller: Barbuda100% / 180 / View other items of the seller

Pakkumisel Tallinna Juveelitehase Hõbelusikad 7Tj proov 916, originaal karp 4TK


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