Superleid!!! Tsaari õukonna hõbedameister, kasutamata sõel!

Item ID: 105350617 Item condition: old
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Final price: 70.00 EUR
Extending closure: 5 minutes
Starting time: Mon 12.02.2018 21:00:00
Closing time: Mon 26.02.2018 18:29:56
Viewed: 428
Last bidder: pagas
Item condition: old
Location: Tallinn, Harjumaa, Eesti
Quantity: 1
Omniva: 2.86 EUR (S)
Agreement with seller Abi
Payment: by deposit transfer, by transfer from e-account
Seller: A72100% / 1186 / View other items of the seller

Ljubavin, 84 hõbe, paistab kasutamata asi, vaata ise, ideaalne kingitus!!!!!!!!!

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  • Flam40 asked 14.02.2018 22:10

    Tere, palun sõel/lusika pikkus. Tänan.

    replied 15.02.2018 08:12

    Tere, 17,5 cm