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Pain OÜ
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Pain 100% e-store
Item condition: new
Location: Tallinn, Harjumaa, Eesti
Quantity: 5
SmartPOST: 2.59 EUR (XS)
Omniva: 2.45 EUR (XS)
DPD Pickup locker/parcel shop 2 EUR (XS)
Registered letter: 3.70 EUR
Courier: 5 EUR
Agreement with seller
Return: I agree to take back the item within 14 days, if it is not suitable for the buyer. Buyer pays all shipping costs. Item must be unused and in original packaging with tags Abi
Payment: by bank transfer, by transfer from Osta.ee e-account
Seller: Pain99.5% / 2143 / view user's e-store

Punased käerauad

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a) Smartpost/Omniva

b) Ise järgi - kokkuleppel Ehitajate tee, Tallinn

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  • Tere. Kui kiiresti jõuaks kaup smartpoastiga ?

    replied 26.09.2014 10:40

    Tere, kui enne kella 15:00 osta oleks järgmine päev kohal

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