Dodge Durango 4x4 1999a.

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Lõpphind: 925.00 EUR
Pikenev lõpp: 5 minutit
Algusaeg: T 09.05.2017 12:49:57
Lõpuaeg: T 23.05.2017 12:49:57
Vaadatud: 3243
Viimati pakkus: lurr100%
Järelmaksuga ostes alates 34.33€ kuus
Seisukord: kasutatud
Asukoht: Tallinn, Harju county, Estonia
Kogus: 1
Tarneaeg: 1 päeva
Transport: Järeletulemisega
Maksmine: sularahas, deposiidikandega
Müüja: Lynd100% / 1 / Vaata müüja teisi esemeid
Mark: Dodge Mudel: Durango
Aasta: 1999 Sõiduki tüüp:
Kere tüüp: universaal Kütus: bensiin + gaas
Käigukast: automaat Vedav sild: nelivedu
Mootori võimsus: Mootori töömaht:
Odomeetri näit: 152932 Värv: tumesinine
Uksi: 5 Kliimaseade: Jah

1999 Dodge Durango 4x4 SUV for sale.  Runs and drives, but is not licensed in Estonia.  Located in Tallinn, available for immediate sale.  Interior in good shape. Exterior has some rust and some damage to front bumper.  Good parts car or farm/country 4x4 vehicle.  Seats 7 passengers.  Needs new window glass on right side doors.

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  • ovarr küsis 09.05.2017 15:52

    Tere! Palun VIN kood.

    vastas 09.05.2017 16:33


  • dokumendid korras?Eestisse arvele saab ilusti?

    vastas 10.05.2017 11:56

    I have all the car documents and the purchase agreement from the original owner in Latvia. The vehicle has not been registered in Estonia and would need to pass technical inspection with ARK in order to register it in Estonia for legal driving. The car runs and drives normally, but it has not been through a technical inspection in over 5 years, so I cannot guarantee that it will pass technical inspection in ARK the first time (maybe they will require some kind of repair?) since that is a subjective decision by the inspectors at the time of inspection. The car is being sold AS-IS, with no guarantees. The vehicle is currently not insured.

  • Hello, Where is the gas tank located? Is the car still with the original 5,9L engine? Is the gas system working and how is the switching done between gas and gasoline (automatic, from a manual switch etc). Is the gas system installed in Estonia or it is of unknown origin? With regards,

    vastas 11.05.2017 13:45

    The tank for the LNG is underneath the car in place of the spare tire--there is no spare tire with the vehicle. It still has the original engine, which runs very strong. The gas system was working before, but it stopped switching over. It most likely needs the filters on the gas lines going to the cylinders to be cleaned or changed--there is a place in Mustamäe that does this work. There is a manual switch inside the car to choose the gas, and it switches back to petrol automatically if the gas goes empty. The system was fitted in Latvia, but I don't know who the specific installation company was.

  • Tere. Mis gaas on LNG? On olemas LPG ja CNG. Kas saaks telefoni numbrit, et vaatama tulla?

    vastas 15.05.2017 09:42

    LNG = Liquid Natural Gas. LPG = Liquid Petroleum Gas. They are basically the same, but filling stations sometimes use either of these terms for their gas systems. The Durango is at Vaarika 5 in Tallinn (Kristiina area)